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We asked you all to ask Bob, owner of Cigar Chief, some questions! Here are your answers!


When are you going to stock Joya de Nicaragua, Roma Craft, etc?

Though we do our best to include a wide variety of great cigars, it’s simply not possible to stock everything!  Many factors can affect us stocking or not stocking cigars including space in our humidors, relative demand, and the quantities available. So unfortunately for the brands asked, not in the foreseeable future.


What humidity level do you find appropriate in the summer?

Cigars are generally well-kept between 65% and 72% RH.  This is relative humidity so the affect on your cigars will be different when stored in a cool environment versus a warm environment.  Some folks will also store their Cuban cigars at a different RH than their non-Cuban cigars.  Personally, in the summer, I prefer to keep the humidity a little lower at around 67-68%.


How long should I keep my cigars in my humidor before smoking them?

If you mean after transport, than the way that we package cigars (ziplock and water pillow) they won’t lose much humidity during transport.  Not to mention that our shipping is fast!  Generally you don’t need to worry too much, but letting them sit for 24 hours can only benefit them.  This is especially true if you have a specific humidity level you prefer your cigars at.  If you’re speaking of aging, then it can vary widely on the cigar!


What was your first cigar?

I can’t remember exactly what my first cigar was.  It was probably around 20 years ago.  I do remember that my first was a Cuban.  20 years ago there weren’t that many great non-Cuban cigars around and this was the right choice.  I was sold!


Why are so many of the Cuban selections out of stock?

We have lots of Cuban cigars arriving and leaving our warehouse daily.  Generally, availability has been down this year.  There’s been a couple of years of bad crops which took some lines out of stock almost completely like Ramon Allones, Sancha Panzo and some Jose Piedra.  We’re hoping in the new year Cuba will get the weather they need to keep up with global demand.


Do the new US FDA regulations for tobacco have any impact on Canadian retail Cigars?

Most if not all of the new regulations don’t directly apply to the Canadian market.  You will see some of the newer small manufacturers hurt by this decision and that can affect availability.  We wont really know the extent of the affect until about a year from now.


Any plans for producing a Canadian 150 year celebration cigar blend?

That’s a very interesting idea! Though I have blended some of my own cigars in the past (available in our physical location) I hadn’t really considered this.  We may need to contact some people to explore this idea more!


What was the inspiration to start Cigar Chief?

The love of the leaf!  I discovered I had the right connections in the industry and the passion for cigars to make it happen.


What’s the latest on the loyalty program?

At Cigar Chief we provide ourselves on having the most competitive prices in Canada coupled with great service.  We are always thinking about ways to show our appreciation to customers.  This month we’ve launched a $100 giveaway and we’re planning to run this monthly for the next while.  We’ll have to see how this program may evolve in the future!


Have more questions? Ask us in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them!


  1. Hi, Im new to the Cigar world, and i noticed the Arista Reserve on the site, Just wondering what I could expect from these sticks? Are they a good value (their price point looks very affordable but what is the quality)? Where do they come from?

    Thank you,

  2. You may wish to get in touch with Frank Correnti Cigars in Toronto (208 Spadina Ave. ). They roll their own line right there from Cuban leaves. A 150 Canada Cigar venture would be a marketing boon! Also, lots of Movie Stars go there during the TIFF Film Festival. Can you imagine a joint Cigar Chief/ Correnti cigar labels hanging out of the face of a Matt Damon or Ryan Gosling (a good old Cornwall, Ontario lad).
    Good Luck and happy rolling, sincerely,
    Ken Bedford, Cornwall.

  3. what ever happened to cigar smoke duty free?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for asking. We decided we could better serve customers with a single site. If you have special ordering needs, please give us a call at 1-877-LANCERO and we’ll be happy to help you out!

  4. do you do wholesale orders

    1. Hi Mary – If you have special ordering needs, please give us a call at 1-877-LANCERO and we’ll be happy to help you out!

  5. Thanks Bob for the great tips
    And good service you guys give us

    Gary Hadzurik

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