Agio Cigars Primo Cigarillos

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    Agio Cigars Primo Cigarillos

    Size: 4 inches (93 mm), ring gauge 26 (8-9 mm)

    Strength: Mild to Medium

    Wrapper: Ecuador

    Cigarillo – The cigar for a shorter smoke. These types can be subdivided into a number of varieties, such as large cigarillo or mini cigarillo. Cigarillo’s are a lot thinner then other cigars.

    Dutch cigars are popular all over the world. Each year around 2 billion Dutch cigars are exported to over 100 countries. Therefore Dutch cigars are the most exported cigars in the world. World-wide the Dutch cigar industry is the second largest cigar manufacturer.

    Mild to medium flavour and strength, an excellent inexpensive every day smoke.

    In 1904 Jacques Wintermans borrowed 200 Dutch guilders from his father to set up a small company. He named the business A.Wintermans & Sons. From 1950 onwards the company was known as Agio Cigars. The village of Duizel in Brabant at the heart of the historic cigar-producing region in De Kempen is where it all started. And Duizel is still the home of our family business to this day.

    This is where four generations of cigar makers have passed down their knowledge and know how. The shared passion and love of the profession reflected in the taste of our products have made Agio one of the world’s foremost cigar manufacturers. We employ 2,500 people, produce more than 770 million cigars every year and export to more than 100 countries.

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    1. Rated 4 out of 5

      jacob (verified owner)

      sometimes i dont want a full robusto cigar. sometimes i want to bring a couple cigars to friends houses but dont want to bring even remotely expensive cigars, sometimes im driving and smoking a cigar seems like a distracting activity.

      if you ever find yourself in thesew situations, buy these. I do wonder if the tobacco inside is closer to cigar tobacco or cigarette tobacco (are their additives?) I dont have any evidence to point to either side, but as long as you dont bring the smoke in your lungs you should be fine.


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