Belinda Cuban Cigars Coronas

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Belinda Cuban Cigars Coronas

Size: 6 x 41

Strength: Medium 

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Since it’s creation in 1882, Belinda has been characterized by its use of the best Vuelta Abajo leaves, making smooth cigars with a subtle flavor and pleasant herbaceous aroma. Suitable for any hour of the day.  Presented in plastic tubes.

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Single Cigar, Box of 20 Cigars, 5 Cigars

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3.8 overall

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  1. dprosser (verified owner)

    A very smooth, even burning smoke. Keeps it’s flavour during the entire smoke. If you’re like me and can’t quite afford $300-$400 for a box of cigars, I think you’ll be happy with these. They don’t have quite that traditional Cuban intoxication, but you’ll know their Cuban. I’ll buy them again.


  2. Tarus Fayaj

    Best in its class. Superior to Troya and Guantanamera Cristales. Very flavorful, best esthetic I’ve seen on any machine made, hand finished smoke. Handsome band.

    Tarus Fayaj

  3. greg.sacrey

    I had a few of these while on the beach in Cuba with a nice glass of rum. They were very decent. I found it smoked quicker than I had hoped but there was a breeze. I found it very light but quite enjoyable all in all.


  4. Stevadore

    A mild smoke. Consistent flavour throughout its length. Nothing complex about this low budget stick, but enjoyable regardless. An even burn with a clean draw and good amount of white smoke. I would purchase again. Also, I would rate this at 3.5 stars if half stars were available.


  5. Mark Bird (verified owner)

    Have had several boxes of these; very enjoyable, starts out mild but bodies-up to medium about halfway through. Very nice easy draw. Best you’ll find at this price. Would happily order again.

    Mark Bird

  6. wisnicki

    Good cigar, mild flavour, good taste. A long Corona-size with a good burn and draw. Excellent price for Cuban tobacco. Definitely worth buying.


  7. kelleher.r (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked really fine cigars, expensive cigars and cheap cigars. thankfully I never had to buy them haha. these are my favorite these cigars burn slow and even, and the taste grate right down to the draw. there perfect for sharing, there potent enough to enjoy, but not overpowering to anyone whos never smoked a cigar before. I’ll continue to buy these regularly

    my opinion. I’m no connoisseur that’s for sure.


  8. Mark

    Flavour was very mild, but good. Being machine rolled they smoked very quickly as they do not have a tight roll. If you are used to a hand rolled stick this one will leave you disappointed.


  9. James Chow (verified owner)

    My 1st time trying Belinda and was very pleasantly surprised. Nice medium flavour and burns well and evenly. Well worth the price and now 15% sale even better. Came overnight as usual. The Cigar Chief!

    James Chow

  10. patrick.palerme (verified owner)

    The worst cigar I ever smoked!


  11. liub3456 (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price,


  12. Jerry Chanig (verified owner)

    I read somewhere these were no longer being produced? I bought a couple and smoked one with my coffee this morning. It was flavourful and burned evenly from start to finish. Well worth the price and if it’s true they are no longer being made I will stock up on more before they are all gone!

    Jerry Chanig

  13. gw53137 (verified owner)

    I rated this cigar at a 4 due to the quality compared to price.
    Very enjoyable, even burn, nice flavour.
    Came to buy a box and see that they are out of stock.
    I hope they replenish the Belinda’s soon.


  14. gw53137 (verified owner)

    Man, I have had much more expensive cigars that did not impress me as much as the Belinda.
    Being on a Workmans Comp pension, I do not have a lot of money, but a half hour to 45 min smoke from this stick is a easy call.
    Nce even burn (indoors) and a steady stream of flavours which I can not desribe as I am not , yet a Cigar Connawhore,
    Wirth the money!!


  15. xander2142 (verified owner)

    Great stick from light up to finish. Seriously can’t go wrong for the price point. Would recommend to anyone looking for a light, affordable, great tasting cigar.


  16. Robert Beattie (verified owner)

    This little gem so smooth good draw for the price this is the real deal.

    Robert Beattie