Hot Grabba Tobacco Leaf

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Hot Grabba Tobacco Leaf

*Pouch of 4 raw tobacco leaves*

To most people, Fronto Leaf is unheard of, however, Fronto has been around for decades! All over the world it has names like “Fanta Leaf, Franta Leaf, Funta Leaf, Frunta Leaf, Grabba Leaf, Hot Grabba Leaf, Funnels, Red Rose, Red Herring” and more.

Grabba Leaf, Hot Grabba leaf, or Red Rose, refers to a dark, thick leaf that is usually crushed and blended.

With Grabba, it’s usually of less importance for the leaf to be 100% wrapper, but is still important that it not be too damaged. In other words, since it all gets crushed, a few minor imperfections are hardly noticeable.

Thicker, darker (Grabba, Red Rose) tobacco leaf varieties are VERY popular in Jamaica and on other Caribbean islands. Thinner wrapper leaves are more popular in the USA, however both are used in both markets.

Tobacco smokers have always been looking to get more information on what they are smoking. From the strain of tobacco plant that was harvested, to processing details such as drying/curing and harsh chemicals that may be being used. Grabba leaf is unique because it provides the whole leaf plant after being cured and aged to excellence.

Tobacco grown specifically for smoking tends not to have the thicker, meatier texture found in Grabba, which is better for rolling.

Although this is true, we can’t overlook Grabba’s use as a filler tobacco even though it is wrapper grade tobacco leaf.

When blending tobacco for cigars, Grabba’s dark, savory profile has become increasingly popular for expanding the volume and boldness of the blend.

Grabba leaf can be used as a wrapper or crushed and blended with other tobacco.

It is a substitute for chewing tobacco! Since there are slight imperfections in the Grabba leaf, it is priced lower. Crush or pulverize the whole leaf to try the lasting flavor and medium coarse texture.


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  1. phucum8 (verified owner)

    Originally intended to buy it as a alternative to chewing tobacco. Yeah I know this is probably for rolling blunts but I just want some red man alternatives since it’s out of stock. But this thing can’t be chewed properly so I just rob them on my face every morning to cleanse my self of….nothing.