Toscano Cigars Toscanello Whiskey



Toscano Cigars Toscanello Whiskey

Size: 3″ x 38

Strength: Medium to Full

Wrapper: Italian grown Kentucky tobacco
Binder: No Binder
Filler: Blend of Italian and American Kentucky tobacco


The cigar rollers were crucial for the making of the Italian cigar: their work has remained almost unchanged for over 200 years and is passed down from mother to daughter. It takes 18 months of training to become a cigar roller. Only after this length of time can a cigar maker make a cigar with her own hands.
Two hundred years of Italian excellence.
A strong link with the tobacco farmers, with investments also in terms of technical and agronomic support, for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of agricultural production and the introduction of good growing practices that are respectful of the environment and environmentally sustainable.
A whole range of efforts to keep producing high quality raw material in Italy, to guarantee the future and continuity of Italian production.
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Pack of 5 Cigars, 10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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