Product Substitutions

Due to global demand for cigars and constraints put on supply chains and cigar production during this pandemic, it has led to inventory shortages on many of our regular products. But we are doing our best to maintain as much stock as we can.

As a result we’ve added a new substitution system when placing your order to help expedite processing times with online orders.

When placing an online order, you’ll be prompted to make a choice on whether you want to substitute products in your order.

  • Allow substitutions with similar products.
  • Contact me before substituting.
  • Do not substitute. Ship what products are available & give me store credit for the rest.

Allowing substitutions will help process your order faster. Especially if we don’t have direct inventory of your product when the order is placed.

How Substitutions Work

Our cigar experts will select a substitute cigar with a similar strength and flavour profile. We’ll match your cigar with one of equal or greater value and as close to the same region as possible.