If you’ve found yourself perplexed by what the difference between cigar strength and body,  you’re not alone. Even some experienced cigar smokers don’t quite understand the distinction, but we’re here to set the record straight.

Cigar Strength vs. Cigar Body: What’s The Difference?

Cigar body does not refer to the strength of the cigar. Cleverly and conveniently, most true cigar aficionados (us included) will simply call strength, strength. 

Cigar strength refers to the effect the nicotine has on your body. So, a new cigar smoker might enjoy a mild strength cigar with a full body. A cigarette smoker may enjoy a strong strength cigar with a light body. The point is, contrary to what many people think (and even what some cigar bloggers write) cigar body is not cigar strength. 

Cigars are classified as either mild, medium or full strength. Again, these designations have no basis in the flavour or taste of the cigar, but its nicotine potency.

Cigar body, on the other hand, refers to the way in which the flavour of a cigar fills and coats your mouth.  In cigars, this is often associated with the volume, richness, and colour of smoke produced when you draw on your cigar. People who consider themselves connoisseurs of wine, spirits, or beers have an easy time understanding this term. 

The Cross Over Between Cigar Strength and Cigar Body

Cigar strength and body are definitely two separate things, but there are some cross-overs between them. Tobacco leaves that are the highest in nicotine tend to also be the fullest in flavour. So, a cigar’s body may be described the same as the cigar’s strength (mild, medium or full/bold.)

But remember: even when there are these correlations, strictly speaking, cigar strength and body are two separate descriptors. 

Checkout this video from Cigar Advisor Magazine that does an excellent job explaining the differences what determines cigar strength.

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