Cigar connoisseurs know the secret to a perfectly aged smoke is knowing how to store your cigars properly. Cigars taste their best when they are at their optimal freshness or aged to perfection. So when it comes to maintaining top-notch cigars, we’ll dive into how to take care of cigars to help them stay fresh and last longer. Once you learn the basics of how to keep cigars fresh, you’ll realise how easy it is to care for cigars.

How To Store Cigars With a Humidor

We can confidently say that every serious cigar smoker utilises a humidor because it’s the difference between a casual smoker and a true connoisseur. Whether it’s a makeshift humidor or a purchased one, a humidor maintains consistent humidity to keep your cigars as fresh as the day you bought them.

How a Humidor Works

A humidor is a container that keeps the relative humidity (RH) around 65-72% to keep your cigars fresh. A humidor consists of a humidification system, a hygrometer, and a thermostat.

Some interesting features in the humidor include:

  • The humidification system maintains a consistent humidity by adding moisture in various ways to keep your cigars from drying out.
  • A hygrometer is a device (digital or analog) that measures relative humidity. 
  • A thermostat is the last critical element to your humidor as cigars need to have a balanced humidity and temperature. The ideal temperature is usually 70 degrees.

A humidor is a complex but smart container that is key when it comes to how to keep cigars fresh. 

How to Buy the Right Humidor

Not all humidors are created equally, so what are the key features to look for when buying a humidor?

  • Choosing a case vs. travel size: It may be tempting to save money and buy a travel humidor; however it does not replace the necessity of a full-sized case humidor. Case humidors are a must as a quality one can last a lifetime, whereas a travel version won’t. Additionally, travel-sized humidors are smaller and can hold a fraction of the cigars compared to a case humidor.
  • Size up: The trick to buying a humidor that will last you a lifetime is buying a larger humidor. It’s better to have extra space than too little.
  • Assess your needs: Humidors have various optional functions, so do your research and determine what you need from your cigar case.
  • Check the seal: Examine the container construction to ensure that it seals properly. The lid should fit snugly, but not fully seal as you do want some airflow.
  • Look for a heavy lid: You want a heavy lid as it helps the cover close snugly but it should also not tip over backward. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks situation; you want a heavy lid to keep the seal closed but not heavy enough to tip the humidor over when open, but the perfect humidor will do both.
  • Choose a humidification device: Look into the humidification system you want to use — sponge, slow-release bottle or Boveda pack(s) — and determine which device suits your needs. If you are forgetful, you’ll want a device that requires little attention.
  • Opt for cedar lined: Cedar, namely Spanish cedar, is the ideal inner lining as it’s absorbent and redistributes the moisture to keep the cigars fresh.

A humidor is essential for how to make cigars last, but the right humidor will make all the difference in the quality of your smoke.

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How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor

Keeping your cigars fresh isn’t mutually exclusive with using a humidor. You can maintain your cigars’ integrity and age them for a deeper, more complex taste without using a humidor.

Here’s how to store cigars without a humidor:

  • Cellophane wrapper on or off: First, you need to decide whether you want to age your cigar or not. If you plan on taking your cigar bounty to smoke elsewhere, keep the cellophane on; otherwise, if you plan to enjoy your smokes at home, you can remove the wrapping to age the cigars for a more robust finish.
  • Boveda pack and Ziploc bag method: The most straightforward way to store your cigars is by keeping your cigars in a zippered bag with the proper RH Boveda pack. Boveda packs last months by slowly releasing humidity; all you have to do is remember to change the pack every so often. Finally, you want to keep your bag of cigars at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • Tupperware and sponge: Soak a new sponge in distilled water, cut the sponge in half or quarters — depending on the size of your container — and place cigars into the container with the sponge before putting the lid back on. Monitor the humidity with a hygrometer, or make it easier by replacing the sponge with a Boveda pack.
  • Cooler method: You can build a humidor with a freshly wiped (with distilled water) brand-new cooler. Make sure the cooler has a tight lid, then insert a hygrometer, humidification system (Boveda packs are easiest) and/or a thermometer to maintain the ideal environment (RH and temperature) for your cigars.

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These steps on how to take care of your cigars show that it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to work so you enjoy cigars at their prime. 

Store Your Cigars Properly, So They Stay Fresh and Last Longer

If you love cigars and buying ultra-premium smokes from retailers like Cigar Chief, then you have a vested interest in learning how to take care of cigars properly. Maintaining your cigars isn’t always easy, but it is worth it: a few key steps means that you’re guaranteed to have a smooth, satisfying smoking experience every time you light up.

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