Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2021

Cigar Aficionado is one of the most trusted sources for cigar news and information, which is why cigar-lovers eagerly await to hear Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Best Cigars of the Year. This list helps unite connoisseurs with the highest-rated cigars of the year. Cigar Aficionado also names the best value cigars of the year, so every cigar-lover has the opportunity to try the best cigars of the season, no matter their budget.

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Cigar Aficionado Top 25 2021 Magazine

Our Thoughts on the Cigar Aficionado 2021 List

When cigar-lovers think of premium cigars, they often connect quality with Cuban cigars. However, due to the trade embargo between Cuba and the United States, Cuban cigar sales are illegal in the US. This makes true Cuban cigars a very rare commodity in the US, which also affects the ability to review many of those cigars as well. With the demand for cigars growing (globally) and production at near all-time lows, we’ve seen many non-Cuban brands really improve the quality of their cigars.

That’s why we weren’t surprised to see excellent quality Nicaraguan cigars taking up 5 of the top 10 places on Cigar Aficionado’s best cigars of 2021 list. This also explains why Nicaraguan cigars have been receiving such high reviews from Cigar Chief customers in recent years.

Did you know our Cigar Chief Bundles are Nicaraguan puros?

The Best Cigars of 2021 Available at Cigar Chief

If you’re chomping at the bit and ready to try a robust new ultra-premium cigar, then look no further as Cigar Chief has some of the highest-rated cigars available for you to choose from.

#4 Overall
Partagas Serie D No.4

There’s a reason this cigar ranks so high on the Cigar Aficionado list and is one of our best sellers. Partagas Serie D No. 4 features complex earthy flavours for a rich flavour and aroma.

County: Cuba
Size: 4 ⅞” x 50
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#7 Overall
Oliva Series V Melanio Double Toro

One of the top Nicaraguan cigars is the Oliva Series V Melanio. Cigar Aficionado’s list is the Churchill size, but the Double Toro is just as enjoyable. Oliva Series V Melanio cigars are perfect for connoisseurs who enjoy a full-bodied yet smooth smoking finish.

County: Nicaragua
Size: 6″ x 60
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#8 Overall
Cohiba Siglo V

Ok, we know the Siglo VI on Cigar Aficionado’s list is not the same as the Cohiba Siglo V. But this is still one of the absolute best Cuban cigars on the market. It uses the best leaves and its additional fermentation process creates an unparalleled smoking experience that every cigar connoisseur should try, at least once.

Country: Cuba
Size: 6 ¾” x 43
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Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro Cigar

#9 Overall
Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro

If you’re looking for a flavourful Nicaraguan smoke, the Rocky Patel Grand Reserve is a thoroughly enjoyable option featuring notes of roasted nuts, coffee and a hint of malty sweetness. 

Country: Nicaragua/Honduras
Size: 6″ x 52
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Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande Cigar

#15 Overall
Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande

This flavourful Nicaraguan cigar features flavours that are sweet and spicy with a creamy finish that is sure to please.

Country: Nicaragua
Size: 5 ¼” x 52
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Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigars

#18 Overall
Ramon Allones Gigantes

You don’t want to miss trying out the Ramon Allones Gigantes Cuban cigar for a classic long smoke. It features an intense and complex taste for the ultimate smoking experience.

Country: Cuba
Size: 7 ⅝” x 49
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Alec Bradley Kintsugi Corona Grande Cigars

#25 Overall
Alec Bradley Kintsugi Corona Gorda

It’s no surprise that Alec Bradley makes the cut with their latest line that celebrates camaraderie via the Japanese art Kintsugi, which fuses ceramics with gold-lacquer. Alec Bradley Kintsugi cigars are available at Cigar Chief in four different sizes. The Kintsugi line features a blend of Honduras and Nicaragua binders and fillers for a flavourful taste with notes of cinnamon, dried fruit, espresso bean and hazelnut for a pleasurable smoking experience.

Country: Honduras/Nicaragua
Sizes: Corona Gorda, Gordo, Toro, Robusto
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The Best Cigars of 2021

They say variety is the spice of life, so it never hurts to branch out from your usual cigar go-tos in order to find new flavourful and memorable cigars to match your lifestyle. Find your next go-to smoke at Cigar Chief by trying one of the best cigars that 2021 has to offer!

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