Summer is tee-off time, and there’s nothing like enjoying a cigar while golfing. However, if you don’t want to smoke your way through a selection of high-quality cigars to find the perfect one for golf, then read on to discover our top picks that’ll enhance your golfing experience. We’ll take the guesswork out of it, so you can focus on getting a hole-in-one and having a fantastic time at the golf course.

The Perfect Golf Cigar 

The best cigar for the golf course is a matter of preference, but generally speaking, the best smoke is your favourite. However, we have a few suggestions on which cigars pair well when you’re shooting 18-holes. 

Here are some things to look for when shopping for the best golf cigar:

  • Lighter wraps and medium strength: When you’re on the green, smoking a lighter wrap, like a medium-strength Connecticut, is your best bet, given you’ll be smoking without an abundance of food or water to accompany your cigar.
  • Large vitolas: Since you’ll be on the course for 18-holes, you’ve got nothing but time to savour your smoke while you play.

If you’ve got a favourite golf cigar, leave your top pick(s) in the comments — we’d love to hear from you.

Some of Our Top Cigar Picks 

Although the perfect smoke is different for every cigar aficionado, these are some great choices that might just become your next top golf cigar: 

  • Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut: This smooth, creamy, mild-to-medium-bodied cigar with a nutty core and a hint of sweetness is the quintessential golf cigar. It features a Connecticut wrapper, Edge blend, and a Long Ash, making the Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut Robusto a solid choice for the golf course.
  • Camacho Connecticut: The Camacho Connecticut is a medium Connecticut cigar packed with deep spicy flavour. It’s the perfect golf course companion that you can savour between holes.
  • Cigar Chief Connecticut: The Cigar Chief Toro Connecticut is a well-balanced Nicaraguan puro with floral and mature wood notes that ends with a light spice finish. This versatile smoke makes for a great golf cigar or any occasion.
  • Macanudo Ecuador Robusto: The Macanudo Ecuador Robusto is a complex cigar with evenly weighted notes of earth and spice all rolled into a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, making it a great addition to your travel humidor.
  • Joya de Nicaragua Clasico: Golfers can’t go wrong with the Joya de Nicaragua Clasico, a Connecticut-wrapped cigar with a mild, woody, and delicate taste.
  • Magno Inception Epicure: The Magno Inception Epicure is a Habano-wrapped medium-bodied cigar that’s ideal for golf with its indulgent flavours of creamy spice and a touch of almond. 
  • Martin Brodeur Salute Piramide: The Martin Brodeur Salute Piramide is a medium-bodied, Habano-wrapped, Ecuadorian cigar known for its unique notes of black tea, oak, truffle, herbs, and a hint of nutty leather.
  • Paul Stulac White Blinding Light: For golfers that enjoy medium-bodied cigars with a Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan cigars, there is no finer choice than Paul Stulac White Blinding Light. This full-bodied smoke features colourful notes of cocoa, dry wood, and leather. 
  • Rancho Luna Connecticut: The Rancho Luna Connecticut is a medium-bodied Connecticut cigar that offers golfers a sweet and spicy smoke. 
  • Tatascan Red Series Connecticut: The Tatascan Red Series Connecticut is a medium-full-bodied Connecticut with a smooth, sweet, and mellow taste. It’s a great value cigar with a lot of personality, making it a great addition to any golfer’s humidor.
  • Villiger Cuellar Kreme Churchill: For golfers looking for a long smoke, they can’t go wrong with the Villiger Cuellar Kreme Churchill. This Dominican Republic cigar has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and a memorable creamy taste.

These are just some of our favourites while golfing (of course there are so many more also!), but if we’ve missed any of your favourite golfing cigars, we’d love to know!

Golf Cigar Accessory Must-Haves

Every cigar connoisseur knows you don’t just pop a cigar into your pocket and head to the greens for 18-holes; you need a travel humidor, and some other cigar essentials while you’re at it. We’ve compiled a list of golf cigar must-haves and a few nice-to-haves to uncomplicate your life, so you can hit the green at a moment’s notice.

  • Golf Cart Cigar Clip: Need to put down your cigar between holes? No problem, you don’t need a buddy to hold your smoke when you’ve got your Golf Cart Cigar Clip on hand. 
  • Travel Humidor Case: No cigar should leave the house unless it’s in a travel humidor case. If you don’t have one, check out our selection of Travel Humidor Cases.
  • Lighter: There isn’t smoke without fire, so don’t forget to bring your lighter to the golf course! If you’re looking for a new lighter, browse our collection of Lighters.
  • Cigar Cutter: You won’t get very far if you forget the cigar cutter, so don’t make the mistake of going out for a round of golf and a cigar without your favourite cigar cutter. 

With these golf and cigar essentials in hand, you’ll be more than ready to hit the green for a leisurely day of puffing and putting. 

The Best Golf Cigars & Accessories

One of the best times to enjoy a long smoke is while on the golf course surrounded by good friends, laughter, and sport. But this kind of day doesn’t just happen without preparation; it begins with knowing which cigar and accessories to pack in your humidor, so you can enjoy a good smoke right on the course.

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