Agio Meharis Java

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    Agio Meharis Java

    Mehari’s is a range of authentic top quality cigarillos for those not prepared to settle for anything less.

    Cigar-making is a craft. A profession rooted in a love of the product, pleasure and experience. When Jacques Wintermans started out as an entrepreneur back in 1904, cigars were still made entirely by hand. Today it’s still the people who make the difference. It’s the knowledge and love of the product passed down from one generation to the next. After more than 113 years we have arrived where we are today by looking ahead, showing enterprise and working together as a team.

    In 1904 Jacques Wintermans borrowed 200 Dutch guilders from his father to set up a small company. He named the business A.Wintermans & Sons. From 1950 onwards the company was known as Agio Cigars. The village of Duizel in Brabant at the heart of the historic cigar-producing region in De Kempen is where it all started. And Duizel is still the home of our family business to this day.

    This is where four generations of cigar makers have passed down their knowledge and knowhow. The shared passion and love of the profession reflected in the taste of our products have made Agio one of the world’s foremost cigar manufacturers. We employ 2,500 people, produce more than 770 million cigars every year and export to more than 100 countries.

    The Agio Experience takes you on a journey from seed to cigar. Our state-of-the-art cigar factory in Westerlo does not rely solely on technology. On the contrary, the making of cigars still requires human skill. The people we employ are engaged in a craft and the technology supports them in their task. And as long as cigars are a natural product, this will always be the case. Before a wrapper is wound around a cigar, it passes through at least three hundred pairs of hands. The Agio Experience immerses you in the world of Agio Cigars. You follow the journey of a tobacco leaf, from the tobacco seed to the boxed cigar. You find out what is needed to grow good tobacco, what creates the flavour, and how a premium cigar is made. And this all happens under one roof, where you can even smell the scent of tobacco in a Dominican drying shed and discover the different types of tobacco grown in different parts of the world.

    All the knowledge of making fine cigars comes together in the Mehari’s Cigarillos. The finest tobaccos from various parts of the world – from Indonesia to Central and South America – make our blends unique and characteristic. Our wide range of distinctive flavours answers to an equally wide variety of tastes. Therefore, since 1976, Mehari’s cigars are appreciated for their flavour, authenticity and unique size.

    4 inches (93 mm), ring gauge 26 (8-9 mm)

    The cigar for a shorter smoke. These types can be subdivided into a number of varieties, such as large cigarillo or mini cigarillo. Cigarillo’s are a lot thinner then other cigars.

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    1. Rated 3 out of 5


      These are alright for a cheap smoke, the wrapper is nice but the binder is some kind of tobacco cardboard and it has low quality short filler. First half tastes pretty good but the second half gets bland.

      It’s worth the extra price to get higher quality cigarillos from Cohiba, Montecristo, RyJ, etc.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      PeterB (verified owner)

      Apparently the the Mehari line is big in Europe. The Java variation is very similar to brands we cannot get in North America anymore, such as Rittmeister and Schimmelpenninck. I like them more than Panter Mignons, my former favourite smoke for many years. Highly recommend.

    3. Rated 4 out of 5

      Rose (verified owner)

      Wow I like them alot for the smel , when before lithing them and when ligthing them . I like them beter than cofe creme blue cigarelo Lol I am a cigar biginer smoker. They dont burn to fast, and they burn equal . Not bad for a little cigarello .

      Thank you


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