Guantanamera Cristales Cuban Cigars

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Guantanamera Cristales Cuban Cigars

Size: 5 7/8 x 41

Strength: Light

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

These cigars are made with tobacco from the Vuelta Arriba, the second most important tobacc0-growing region in Cuba. Machine made at a modern factory created in Havana. They offer a light flavor at an affordable price.

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3.8 overall

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  1. Okie Smokie (verified owner)

    A smooth flavour and even burn. Great gift for casual or novice that may not finish an entire stick.

    Okie Smokie

  2. Ocasionato

    Very mild no head spinning to the end. Great dollar value.


  3. jumbo.john (verified owner)

    Very mild, well rolled ready to smoke cigars (no cutter required) was a great tube to slip in a pocket and go. would definitely toss a few in my fishing gear, or saddle bag.


  4. Chahe Kafafian

    Mild and smooth. All Cuban flavours are there. Affordable and ideal for every day smoking. I smoke one with my morning coffee.

    Chahe Kafafian

  5. wisnicki

    A very nice, mild cigar. It burns evenly, and has a great taste. A long corona-diameter cigar, it gets a little bite in the last 2 inches (time to stop). A terrific value and a good smoke.


  6. David Adams (verified owner)

    Bought a 10 pack and they all came very dry to the point of the wrapper almost cracking. Should have been in a box like the picture but were only in a ziplock bag. I have them in my homemade Tupperwear container with couple Boveda packs hoping to restore them a bit. Here’s hoping they will still taste good.

    David Adams

  7. robdaley88 (verified owner)

    An alright stick if you just want a hint of cuban flavor on a shoestring budget. Its a rough rolled somewhat finicky cigar.

    There’s better non cubans out there for cheaper


  8. Ryan J (verified owner)

    Mild & smooth like the other reviewers said, kind of a woody taste? Couldn’t quite point my finger on it. Went fine with some light coffee.
    Yea, the last couple inches turned harsh for me, really pleasant up to that point. For the price, not bad to have on hand.

    Ryan J

  9. teddy_834

    Great stick at a affordable price. Nice smooth mild flavour and enjoyable.


  10. Robert Day (verified owner)

    Beautiful and pleasant cigar, quite an affordable price for a good Cuban, and a nice even burn you’d expect from this brand. But, and this is a big but… The two boxes of 5 I ordered arrived extremely dry. My desktop humidor normally sits around 63 to 65 percent humidity. As soon as these were added, it tanked to 50 percent and nothing I did would bring that up. They just sucked up every drop of humidity in there. I’ve had to “quarantine” them in their own small humidor with two humidity packs just to try to revive them. I’m hoping this was just a one off, as other reviews don’t seem to have any concerns. Just be prepared to hydrate dinner dry smokes in case.

    Robert Day

  11. Craig Pakkala (verified owner)

    Actually not bad at all. Nice and mild, even burn throughout. Doesn’t look the best, looked like a child rolled it but was impressed with the taste. Lasted about an hour. Will definitely buy again.

    Craig Pakkala

  12. royp (verified owner)

    Honestly The Worst- I don’t write reviews but these are not worth the poor wrapper they are rolled in.(poorly) Really. I gave them to friends and apologize in advance. The wrapper is the worst- Cut them in half just to get a pce of smoke. No body in them and overall not good. R


  13. Bobby Ashrafi (verified owner)

    I have been smoking Cubans for 25 years – by no means this is comparable in quality to Cohibas or MCs, however pricewise, it is fantastic for starters and if you got guests whom you don’t wanna waste a Cohiba on

    Bobby Ashrafi

  14. katelly69 (verified owner)

    for 5 bucks you can not go wrong. not to bad at all.


  15. Brandon (verified owner)

    Nice light to mild smoke at a great price. Perfect for a daily stick have purchased these on a couple occasions and will order again!


  16. Michel Schryer (verified owner)

    I can smoke a mild cuban for decent money, that’s great. They became my daily smoke, you have to relight sometimes if you’re slow smoker like me but it’s ok, i like the taste, sometimes creamy along the way, I’ll keep ordering.

    Michel Schryer

  17. Robert Paquette, Granby (verified owner)

    I just received my 10 Guantanamera Cristales yesterday and smoked one last evening. Very satisfying: mild, lightly flavored, burns well and easily, ashes hold well. Each cigar is individually packed in a plastic tube, very elegant, humidity is just right. A real “beginner’s” cigar.
    At 70, I am still a beginner, having quitted smoking regularly at age 27, but kept burning a cigar once in a while on the outside in the summer time. My wife loves the smell of it. It means a few cigars per summer (5-7), with intervals of years if I don’t find where to buy them. Cigar Chief provided me with prompt and satisfying service, prices are right and the box of cigars is safely secured in a well padded box. I recommend both the cigars and the seller.

    Robert Paquette, Granby