Tobacconist Blend Maduro Super Gordo

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Tobacconist Blend Maduro Super Gordo

The Tobacconist Blend Maduro Torpedo is packaged in wooden boxes of 50 cigars. This blend is a value to smokers looking for large, hand rolled cigars without the hand rolled price. Tobacconist Blend is known to be carried in humidors of cigar stores throughout the country. It is hard to deny the great price of Tobacconist Blend, try it today and taste the value for yourself. These cigars are cellophane wrapped and are presented without cigar bands.



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Single, Pack of 5 Cigars, Box of 50 Cigars

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  1. Joe

    Great Stick for a great price, i enjoyed the Maduro, however not the Connecticut as i had a lot of issues with the draw and the wrapper falling apart aka splitting. The maduros had a perfect draw and amazing flavor, no wrapper problems and all were good. Would highly recommend.


  2. jumbo.john (verified owner)

    Excellent box fillers. Decent roll (better than the naturals) great smoke and flavour. A good medium strength cigar.


  3. alex_upnorth (verified owner)

    Regardless of price I enjoyed this. Of course it is huge and cheap. The Maduro was nice and rich. The burn was good for the first few inches. I had to touch up after that. The draw was great. The last third started to get harsh, but it had been going for over two hours. I will buy again.


  4. Adam (verified owner)

    I must say, not bad for the price. The wrapper is smooth and oily and the flavours are typical for a maduro. Very smooth and oily smoke. Great draw. The only issue was the burn. The wrapper has a few “stems” running through it and it caused it to burn unevenly. However, when it comes to draw, smoke output and especially flavour, I would take those any day over a razor sharp burn. Well worth the money.


  5. Brian Bird (verified owner)

    Very nice, smooth cigar with a very nice price.

    Brian Bird

  6. Sylvain Pelletier

    Je les fumes depuis des annees , j adore.

    Sylvain Pelletier

  7. myhomeemail (verified owner)

    I must admit I was skeptical but what a great smoke for just over $6. Great draw and a pretty even burn from start to finish with only a few touch ups. Great flavour on the medium -strong side. My only regret is not knowing the origin or blend. Definitely would buy again.


  8. derikc (verified owner)

    This was one of the best tasting cigars I’ve had yet, quite sweet tastes to me


  9. Rahstamonsta (verified owner)

    Excellent cigar for the price. I don’t know where else you can find a long filler cigar made of premium tobacco for 6 bucks and change. Nice smooth oily wrapper, smooth draw, lots of smoke and nice consistent burn. This isn’t just a box filler, it’s a downright good smoke. Will be back for more.