Toscano Cigars Classico

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Toscano Cigars Classico

Size: 6″ x 36

Strength: Medium to Full

Wrapper: Italian grown Kentucky tobacco
Binder: No Binder
Filler: Blend of Italian and American Kentucky tobacco


The cigar rollers were crucial for the making of the Italian cigar: their work has remained almost unchanged for over 200 years and is passed down from mother to daughter. It takes 18 months of training to become a cigar roller. Only after this length of time can a cigar maker make a cigar with her own hands.
Two hundred years of Italian excellence.
A strong link with the tobacco farmers, with investments also in terms of technical and agronomic support, for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of agricultural production and the introduction of good growing practices that are respectful of the environment and environmentally sustainable.
A whole range of efforts to keep producing high quality raw material in Italy, to guarantee the future and continuity of Italian production.
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Pack of 5 Cigars, 10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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  1. Jameson Nagle (verified owner)

    I love my Toscano’s. Sure there is that cliche that these are the cigars Eastwood Smoked in his westerns. Which is awesome in and of itself. Now that that is out of the way… This is a good everyday gar’. Good for fishing, long drives, long walks, hiking, being in the bush, bbq’s, yard work, relaxing etc. It’s an every man cigar. A real man’s gar’. It’s not a big juicy stogie though. They are quite firm actually. The flavor is like smokin’ wood. Like I think they smoke it or ferment it in hickory and maple and that is noticeable. I like that. They are also very peppery which I like. You also get hints reminiscent of like mocha, chocolateyness etc. It tastes good for sure. I am not a big elitist cigar snob. I deduct a star only because these things never seem to stay lit for me. For the most part I don’t care because I can smoke this all day and enjoy it and with how many times I have to relight it sometimes it does last all day hahaha. Although, with that said it’s more than likely my fault because I just pop these into my humidor and you really are not supposed to as these are dry Cheroot style cigars. I just don’t care becuase these are my dailies anyway and if they last all day than awesome. One thing I love about these too is that you are supposed to cut them in half. So a pack of 5 is really 10 and you get a few boxes and they’l last you awhile. Which is great if your on a budget.

    Jameson Nagle

  2. ron kaiser (verified owner)

    A nice cigar for the price. Has a mainly pepper taste. Well constructed and lasts a long time. Will definitely buy again.

    ron kaiser

  3. phucum8 (verified owner)

    My personal remedy or panacea for any problems. Head ache? Light a Toscano. Constipation? Light a Toscano. Smoked too much cigarettes and can’t sleep? Light a Toscano. Car out of gas in the middle of nowhere? That’s why I always leaves a pack of Toscano in the glove box.

    An all time smoke and a great smoke. Especially good with pizza, brownies and Chinotto.