Frontwoods Rustic 5×5 Box of 25

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In stock

Made in the Dominican Republic using an 100% natural blend of mellow tobaccos. They are unmistakably recognized by their rustic and rugged finish. Contains 5 resealable stay fresh pouches with 5 cigars in each.


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  1. Nick P

    These are good but need to be relit allot . Great quick cigar though. Great to have around . Took me a minute that it was a play on Backwoods . Lol

    Nick P

  2. Sriramanan Kalirajah (verified owner)

    Slept on better than backwoods fire stuff frontwoods all the way

    Sriramanan Kalirajah

  3. Steve D

    The Rustic flavored cigars are not too bad,the whisky flavored ones I didn’t care for that much. I had a pack that was slightly moldy when opened, and a freind bought a pack that he said was quite moldy. The other packs have been okay.I haven’t tried the sweet aromatic flavor yet.

    Steve D

    • David

      Hi Steve – if you ever have a problem with cigars not being right please let us know right away and send us some pictures so we can make things right!


  4. maritimemedcann (verified owner)

    Great cigar for the price


  5. Shawn Macleod (verified owner)

    Okay cigar, I was looking for an alternative to Backwoods originals. Thought I would try the Frontwood rustic. Found it to be looser rolled and courser tobacco. Sweet flavour that reminded me of grape.

    Shawn Macleod